Dated: 08/17/2016

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If owning a home is truly the American Dream, well now is a good time for home buyers to make their dreams come true. That is the general consensus gathered from a recent study National Housing Pulse Survey. The survey found that more than 80% of respondents think that “buying a home is a good financial decision”, while 68% believe that it currently is a good time to purchase a home. Compared with two years ago, the percentage of renters who are thinking about buying a home has risen three points to 39%. As before,the three top reasons for wanting to own a home include building equity, wanting a stable and safe environment, and having the freedom to choose the neighborhood.

If you are a renter, why not take advantage of current low interest rates? Home ownership may prove to be less expensive and more gratifying. In addition, you can be building equity. You will benefit from my real estate knowledge and expertise. Contact me to schedule an initial meeting at my office, conveniently located Mesa – 2500 E Power Rd Stu 121 Mesa AZ 85209. Or, you can contact me directly at 480-207-3444. I am a KW® Integrity First agent and a Community Specialist!

HINT: Among millennials, the main challenge or obstacle on their road to home ownership is college debt.

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