2024 Home Price Predictions Update: Stronger Growth Expected

In recent months, housing market experts have updated their predictions for home prices in 2024, drawing from the latest data and trends. Their revised forecasts now suggest a stronger belief in price increases rather than decreases.

Let's delve into how the perspectives of these experts have evolved and the reasons behind this shift.

2024 Home Price Predictions: A Comparative Insight

Below is a comparison of the initial and most recent predictions for 2024 home prices from seven leading expert organizations. This comparison, illustrated in a blue and white graph, showcases their thought process at the end of 2023 versus now:

Initially, these experts anticipated only modest price increases for the year. However, the updated column reveals a significant shift in their predictions, with all now expecting larger increases in home prices than initially thought, highlighting some substantial revisions.

Two primary factors are driving these strong expectations for price growth. The first is the ongoing shortage of available homes for sale. Business Insider notes:

"The persistent low inventory of homes in the US has traditionally kept prices elevated..."

This enduring scarcity of housing inventory has been a long-term driver of price increases and is not anticipated to see a dramatic shift this year. However, changes in mortgage rates have also played a crucial role.

At the end of last year, with mortgage rates high and buyer demand cooling, experts predicted only slight increases in home prices for 2024. But as mortgage rates have retreated from their peak last October, with further decreases expected throughout the year, buyer demand has surged. This renewed demand, coupled with the continuous shortage of homes, has led experts to predict even stronger price growth than initially thought a few months ago.

Anticipating Future Market Adjustments

Real estate experts routinely update their price forecasts to reflect market dynamics, ensuring their predictions remain current with the latest market shifts.

As the housing market evolves, so too will their forecasts. While it's uncertain exactly how future predictions will change, one key factor to watch is mortgage rates.

A continued decrease in mortgage rates could further boost buyer demand, potentially leading to even higher home price predictions.

In essence, the dynamics of supply and demand are central to these predictions. With the supply of homes remaining tight, any increase in demand is likely to push prices higher.


Initially, the consensus was that home prices would see only modest increases this year. However, updated forecasts now indicate a more significant growth than previously anticipated. To stay informed about what this means for our local market, let's get in touch. It's crucial to stay ahead of these predictions to navigate the housing market effectively.

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